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V1 Hardwired - in 2 minutes (images)


I suppose this is my first modifcation to the car. I went ahead and hard wired the V1 radar detector using the cords available from invisicord.com ($14 shipped). Sure, I could make one but for $14 this was a no-brainer. The install took upwards of 3 minutes. I will get a diagram of the plug for anyone who wants to give this a shot. Invisicord is the way to go!

I could not be happier with it.




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Well, I got home tonight and my invisicord was waiting for me. It took me about 4 minutes to install my Passport (I am obviously a little slower than GTScott). This is a great product and it comes with great customer service as well.




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InvisiCord, TeamSpeed & Escort X50


Hey all- wanted to post a follow-up on this setup. A little background:

Own an Escort 8500 X50 & Mike's Radar Mount. I came across http://www.invisicord.com a while back which looked promising (as I did not want to try and strip-back and tap into the very small wires of the homelink mirror), but he did not list the g35 as a car that he knew would work.

After he took the time to find these forums, register, post, and guarantee me my money back if it did not work, I was impressed enough to give it a shot.

After receiving the cable, I came to find out that the contacts were just too darn big to fit into the back of the plug in my coupe. I wrote it off as one of those "meh, oh well, would have been nice" type deals, and then a while later came across some others who had the same problem.

TeamSpeed promised to send us new cords with smaller/sharper contacts. Sure enough, a few days later I received the new cord and anxiously at 11pm (by flashlight!) I gave it a shot.

The new smaller & sharper contacts went in MUCH easier and the radar detector worked first try. I ordered the smallest cable available, I believe it's 6". It works and looks perfect, I could not be happier.

I noticed that the radar detector sometimes would "bounce" and the top of the detector would tap against the bottom plastic of the rearview mirror. I nabbed a small plastic adhesive "foot" from a recent external USB casing purchase and stuck it on the top of the radar detector. No more bouncing, no more tapping of plastic on plastic.

Order order order this if you have any of the detectors he supports. You will NOT be sorry I promise! Not only is the product wonderful, but the customer service/support is something I rarely see anymore.

Thanks TeamSpeed!









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Originally Posted by Wingrider

I am also looking at the Invisicord. If I want to mount my Escort immediately to the left of the rear view mirror, is a six inch cord long enough?


Just installed my V1 and invisicord last night. I have the six inch cord as I want to eventually get the mirror mount. Last night I used the suction cup mount just to the left (driver side) of the mirror and the cord worked great.

Good luck




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Received my invisicord today and can confirm that the lower middle red wire (looks red but could be pink) is the one you need to use. Turns on the V1 only when the engine is running. As soon as the engine is turned off the V1 turns off even though the radio/lights etc are still on.

2006 manual dimming, no OnStar
Works great would highly recommend




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Originally Posted by jimisparks


I got mine from inviscord, they shipped immediately and the installation made me feel guilty, it was TOO EASY.... I felt totally unfulfilled, I wanted to do more work on the car.....





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just got my invisicord yesterday...installation really was TOO easy!





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Originally Posted by TeamSpeed

It might be a change GM made to the power system in 2006 vs 2005?

Just learned about your product. I have a 2006 ZO6 with the 2LZ Pkg ( I think that means I have auto dim.

I have read about 50 posts on this subject and I am all confused. Are bugmans instructions still current with regards to what wires/colors. This needs to be very clear to the unsofisticated electrical people. I don't even know how to use a voltage meter

This gaget looks like it is the next best thing to sliced bread.

Also is fedX delivery available too?

Thanks ,








amoney, Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 8:51 pm    Post subject:


The power cord is simply ingenius. The Corvette link has mentioned here before but it is worthy to mention it again.



ByeNow, Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 10:44 pm    Post subject:


I use this cord with my V1 along with a mount from Great Lakes (mirror mount) on my 2005 Corvette. It's easy to install.

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