Current Radar Detector Models

Radar Detector
Escort Redline, 9500i, 9500ix, 8500, X50, 7500, 6800, Solo S2, Direct Live module
Valentine V1
Beltronics STi Driver, Pro RX65, Pro RX55, GX65, Vector 995, Vector 965, Vector 955,
Vector 940 (phone style connector), and Express 795
Basically any detector that uses the Escort/V1 Smartcord for power for above brands...

We have added a new product in response to the new Escort Live Direct module and hardwire kit. Many of you may decide to keep your installation very clean by utilizing your mirror or overhead console harness, and Invisicord has again pioneered a new product in which you may be interested. This new Invisicord kit gives you 2 cables to replace the direct wire kit, one cord is a newly revised Invisicord that you connect the live module to a harness, and the other cable connects the module to the detector. You can just leave those Escort factory wires in the box, and replace them with this new kit!

Vehicle Models with Known Working Configurations

(As customers try this product on different vehicles, they notify me of the wires to tap, and I add the customer notes for that particular make and model to the database. The Invisicord most likely will work on many, many other vehicles, it just requires some time and a voltmeter for you to test your harnesses!)

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Tip on Working With Stubborn Wiring Harnesses

To work with finicky harnesses, one trick some like to employ is to use a very small jeweler's flat screwdriver (or eyeglasses screwdriver) to get down next to the factory connectors and push them out of the way a bit. It is a good way to loosen up stubborn molex connectors.

Guidelines on Using a Voltmeter to Locate Power and Ground

  1. First set your voltmeter to the continuity setting (should beep when you touch the red and black probes together, telling you they are shorted)
  2. Find a ground on the car somewhere, like a bolt under the dash, or a metal cross member.
  3. Put the black probe on that ground, and touch the back of each exposed wire connector in the mirror harness with the red probe.
  4. For each wire that beeps, that means that wire is grounded. Turn the inition to the on position, then back to off, and make sure it beeps regardless of ignition position.
  5. Put the voltmeter into VDC mode, to measure DC volts, turn the ignition to the on position.
  6. Put the black probe on the ground wire found in #4.
  7. Touch each of the wires in that harness with the red probe, and note which one(s) gives you +12-14 volts, turn the ignition off to verify that the volt readings go down to zero or close to zero.
  8. That should define which two ports in that harness into which you would plug the Invisicord, the black Invisicord heat shrink connector into #4 above, and the yellow to #7.

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