InvisiCords have a 6 month warranty from defects in manufacturing from date of payment. If the connectors or wires become frayed or break, the power plug comes off, or power is disruptive between the power source and the detector, please contact us via email with your order info (email address used, approximate date, and length ordered). After review, we will then request that you send your defective cord back to us, and we will promptly get a replacement back out at no charge!

This 6 month warranty is also applicable to the newly introduced fused version of the Invisicord. This warranty period provides the buyer a single one-time replacement of the fused version of the Invisicord should that fuse blow in this warranty period after the initial purchase. Please contact us, and after we determine your warranty status, just send the Invisicord to us to the return address we provide, and we will send a fused replacement at no additional charge.

Length Upgrades

If you purchase a cord, but decide within 30 days of purchase it is not long enough, please send us an email with your order info (email address used, approximate order date, and length ordered). Then send back the cord to us. There will be a upgrade fee (found below) that will have to paid prior to the new cord being shipped.

Shipping Information

You may purchase First Class postage at a discounted price within the continental US. However, if you would like expedited shipping on your order, please add the Priority Shipping upgrade to your cart before checkout. Delivery confirmation is included in any mailing, first class or priority.

If delivery confirmation shows delivery took place to the address noted on your order but you never received it, you will be able to obtain reimbursement by the US Postal Service provided you purchased the optional USPS insurance with your US order. I am not responsible for invalid addresses on the orders or poor delivery service by your local USPS postal clerks (or other country postal services), however I will provide you as much information as you need to file a claim should you have to follow up on an insured order.

Normally, orders ship twice a week: Tuesdays and Fridays. Exceptions are made with orders made with the priority shipping option added to the cart, or as needed due to volume of sales. No shipping takes place on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, or US Holidays.

Payment Methods

I accept paypal as my primary method through the order checkout procedure, however, I can also just send you a paypal invoice if you would like not to open a paypal account and just want to pay via credit card. I also accept google checkout or USPS money orders. Please contact me for questions on the alternatives. If you are curious on how to utilize paypal for your online business, please click the link below.

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