Tired of the dangling power cords for your favorite radar detector? A little concerned about trying to hardwire a power cord to your fusebox?

Do you have a mirror that has switched power supplied to it for features like auto-dimming, map lights, compass/temperature, or On-Star? If so, my cord may just be the solution for you!

If your mirror has these features, chances are the mirror has a wiring harness connected into the back of the mirror housing. My little contraption allows you to quickly connect my power cord right into the harness without any splicing or cutting any wires! You simply push the connectors into the back of the wiring harness to tap in to the proper +12v/ground wires. It is basically a 1 minute install!!! We have preset lengths or custom length options, with 2 different styles of connectors to fit any application.

Is this what you have today?

We have added a new product in response to the new Escort Live Direct module and hardwire kit. Many of you may decide to keep your installation very clean by utilizing your mirror or overhead console harness, and Invisicord has again pioneered a new product in which you may be interested. This new Invisicord kit gives you 2 cables to replace the direct wire kit, one cord is a newly revised Invisicord that you connect the live module to a harness, and the other cable connects the module to the detector. You can just leave those Escort factory wires in the box, and replace them with this new kit!

We also now have fused versions of the Invisicord available, with a 1.5 amp fuse integrated inline with the Invisicord, and is virtually indistinguishable from the non-fused version, with a cleaner and more protective design than our competitors!

Don't be fooled by the other copies of this product (in some cases more expensive as well) where they try to pretty up their cord with additional wraps or tape to hide their fuse installation. Invisicord was the first original product on the market, so you can be assured we took the same amount of pride and care with the design of this fused version! Many other copycat products put the fuse anywhere along the wire run, we have designed ours so that if a short occurs anywhere along the run of the Invisicord up to the connectors themselves, the fuse will provide protection, as opposed to other competitors that may have limited success in their fused protection depending on the location of that fuse.

Get rid of that hideous coiled power cord and don't even worry about hardwiring down to the kickpanel or fusebox! No splicing, cutting, or soldering needed!

Please check installation info for the vehicle models that are known to have harnesses that work with this cord. Just click on the link and download the installation document that covers the vehicles and the directions for installation. The radar detector models that should work with the quick-connnect cord can be found on that page as well

If you cannot find your vehicle model listed in the installation document and have a voltmeter, you can move your mirror off to the side, turn on the ignition to the on position, and probe the back of the harness to see if you can find which wires give you a +12v/ground reading. Turn off the ignition and see if it goes off. These will be the parts of the harness you will need to tap into. If you cannot find switched power, but can find an always-on 12v/ground combination, you can also use my cord, but you have to turn your detector on/off as you need to use it, and won't be able to count on your ignition to turn it on/off for you.

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